M.R.Q.A. invites you to start playing quoits. Rope Quoits is a low cost social and competitive game for the whole family, so why not give rope quoits a go - family fun and competition

Did you know?

Records tell us that Rope Quoits was played extensively throughout Britain as early as the 15th century and was introduced by early settlers to Australia at many mining centres.

The Australian Rope Quoits Council was formed in 1947 as the controlling body and to standardize equipment. There are Rope Quoits Associatons throughout Victoria competing in the Singles and Teams Championships. The oldest registered player and still playing is 86 and the youngest is only 6.

World Record: A throw of 4002 unfinished by Bill Irby of Melbourne in 1967. Bill Irby passed away January 1983 and won the Australian Open Singles Championships 6 times from 1967 to 1982.

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"Rope Quoits - Try It"

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